Dr. Randye Karmin and Dr. Ninoutchka Dejean
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Our Office
Dr. Karmin returned to the Southeast from New York in 2006 and established her practice serving the women of South Florida.  The practice rapidly grew and Dr. Dejean joined her in the Boca Raton location in 2011. Miami Women Care was opened expanding into Dade County. The offices are located at Town Center One at Dadeland and at the Boca Clinic where we offer personalized care to women of all ages in a private and relaxed atmosphere. Our offices are designed with warmth and sensitivity to make your visit a comfortable and pleasant experience.We strive to provide state of the art, comprehensive healthcare for women in every stage of life. Our practice respects your time so we do our best to get everything done for you at the time of your visit.  Blood work is drawn in our office so that you don’t need a separate trip to the lab.  Our doctors perform all of their own ultrasounds, avoiding a second appointment elsewhere, and allowing you to receive your results immediately.
Our offices offer a private and relaxed atmosphere to make you feel more comfortable and to make the visit less stressful.